Welcome to our healthy place

Hello friends,

We’re not so new to this game and although we’ve seemed to create quite a happy place on our Instagram & Facebook pages we feel like it is time to explore the world of blogging.

If you’ve visited us on our established pages you’ll know what we are about. It’s nothing too elaborate, we just like to create healthy recipes and share pictures of our wholefood dishes in hope that it will inspire you to invest in your health and nourish you and your loved ones with natural food.

We’re also close to printing our first recipe book – and we’re in no way inclined to change the world with it but it’s a great point of reference and easy access to the recipes we have been posting over the past 3 years.

Recently we’ve made a commitment to offer our food to local people and have started to create nourish lunch packs that we deliver to homes and workplaces in Bendigo. We’ve also crafted our own cold pressed juice that is available to order for juice cleanses & will also be stocked in some very funky local hang outs – more to come on that soon.

So if you are one of our lovely customers who has already been experiencing the Nourishing our Health way you’ll be pleased to know that we are evolving in all areas including how you order the nourish lunch packs and juice cleanses.

Thank you again for visiting our social media pages. We love connecting with like minded people and we know that not everyone gets what we’re doing but that’s ok, if we can just make it easier for those who do to continue to nourish their health… then we’re achieving exactly what we set out to achieve.

And we’ll be sharing more recipes. Lots more recipes.

Much love.

Jacinta, Nicholas & co. x




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Deb says:

    Do you make a vegan nut cake?


    1. Hi Deb, I make raw nut cakes that are vegan. Check out my instagram page which has lots of pictures of them. If you have any other questions I’m happy to help. Kind regards, Jacinta


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